What we do


At Lord Panda Property we take uninspired properties and create premium living spaces. We have a fantastic selection of apartments and shared living properties in central locations. Its our personal mission to raise the standard of living in our chosen development areas.

We renovate our properties to a high specification finish with an urban feel and, yes, we have put sleeper tracks on the walls! Our homes are all centrally located in various towns and cities across the UK ensuring they are best placed for local amenities, public transport and places of work & study. Our mission is to provide quality shared living accommodation for those looking for comfort and excellence before buying somewhere of their own.

Why Work With Us


Lord Panda Property works with a number of investors and partners, with our core business focused on key values including integrity, trust and transparency.

The process we follow is simple:

  1. OUTCOMES; We focus on your expected outcomes; what it is you want to achieve when investing. We then tailor an approach to meet with these required outcomes.
  2. SIMPLICITY; Secondly, we intend to create simplicity in what we do and how we communicate so that the process is inclusive and not confusing
  3. RETURNS; our business is focused on generating investor returns and we tailor-make our service to each investor whether it’s a fixed return that’s being sought or whether someone would like to create their own portfolio.

While there are no guarantees with investing our bespoke approach means you have greater confidence when investing and we welcome initial strategy conversations to discuss any questions you may have.



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I’ve always found Lord Panda easy to work with, as well as being open and transparent. They ensure that our goals are aligned and that the focus is on achieving the outcomes on which we’ve agreed and, as importantly, providing the returns expected.” 

Steve C.

“Way back, entrepreneur Victor Kiam bought the Remmington Razor Company after trying the product out, he then said the immortal phrase ” I liked it so much I bought the Company”. Well, that pretty much sums up what I feel about working with Lord Panda. I liked what Stuart said and the way he presented himself so much I went into business with him on a property investment. Stuart lives by an exemplary moral code, I wholeheartedly recommend Stuart to any investor seeking a professional and thorough investment service.” 

David N.

I rate Stuart highly – in fact so highly that I’ve chosen to work with him on multiple occasions. Calm, measured, knowledgeable and diligent.”

Charles P.

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Let’s Work Together


If you’d like to speak with us about our property developments, are thinking of investing or have any questions at all, please fill out the form below and one of the team will be in touch.