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Mistakes property investors make

Property has long been seen as an asset that is “as safe as houses.” Yes, there is the occasional blip in the market, but generally property is an asset that continues to appreciate. According to Land Registry Data, the average price of UK property has almost trebled, from £76,000

Why student property is a great investment opportunity in 2019

Investing in property has long been perceived as a sure fire way to build wealth. All you need to do is get a buy-to-let property, hold on to it for a few years and house price increases do the rest, right? Well, as many investors have discovered over the

Building A Property Portfolio

Building a property portfolio while benefitting students Stuart Lordan from Lord Panda tells us how he’s building a portfolio of properties in Plymouth that he then rents to University Students. http://innovativeleaders.co.uk/episode-14-building-a-property-portfolio-while-benefitting-students/

Improving Plymouths Student Properties

Stuart Lordan from Lord Panda Property tells us how he's improving student property in Plymouth, and how he raised £250,000 in one month to fund his vision. Listen here: https://www.insidepropertyinvesting.com/stuartlordan/

UK Property Summit 2018

The Property Truth: Lessons Learned So Far In the last 18 months, having bought and created 39 student rooms, BTLs and development projects valued at greater than £2.7M, Stuart has made numerous mistakes and learnings which he's able to share with others setting out on the path

Getting to know Lord Panda’s MD

Who is Lord Panda? I am a Property Investor, husband, and father of four at Lord Panda Property currently living in Horley, United Kingdom. My interests range from entrepreneurship to running. I’m also a big fan of coffee, reading, films and trying to find “quiet time”!